Rick entered into the residential market approximately 18 years ago. He started out in the commercial industry with one of Connecticut's largest union companies. There was an adjustment since he now worked in people's home where they live and raise their families.

Rick decided from the start to give customers the best system that suited their needs. Not all customers needs are the exactly the same. This is the reason why Rick meets with every customer personally. He designs a package that will accomplish that goal. Every aspect of the job is taken into consideration; from sizing, EQ Brands and budget.

When doing a project in a customer's home, Rick takes security very personal. Rick's father, Arthur, once owned Ace Lock and Safe Company in Meriden, CT and now is a Senior Locksmith at one of the oldest and prestigious Ivy League university. Rick's brother, David, is a NHPD officer with over fifteen years experience. He is highly respected and also serves as a Field Trainer Officer and mentor to new recruits. When Rick tells a customer to go shopping or go to the beach while a job is being done at their home, his family name is the comfort and respect you deserve.

With that, Rick admits he is no slick salesman or a business tycoon. He is an "old school" guy trying to operate a small business and support his family.